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Chung Shan Medical University
Regulations for the Double Majors

No. 1030190542 official letter approved by Ministry of Education on Jan. 5th, 2015


Chung Shan Medical University

Regulations for the Double Majors

Article 1

The University has established the Chung Shan Medical University Regulations for the Double Majors (hereafter referred as “the Regulation”) in accordance with the University Law, Enforcement Rules of University Law, Law of Academic Degree Conferment, and the School Constitution of Chung Shan Medical University. The regulations are established to broaden students' area of study, meet students' needs, and increase their career opportunities.

Article 2
Undergraduates whose academic performance under following conditions may apply for pursuit of a double major program offered by each department of the University except for School of Medicine and School of Oral Medicine:
  1. Students whose GPA is ranked within the top 20% of his/her class or who have a grade point average (GPA) of 80% or higher in the previous two semesters.
  2. Student's Conduct must be graded 80% or higher in the previous two semesters. 
Article 3 Each department should establish Enforcement Rules of Double Majors in accordance with the Regulation. The content of Enforcement Rules should consist of a number of available seats, standards, and conditions. The Enforcement Rules will be implemented and published after the approval in the Department Affair Meeting, College Affairs Meeting, and Academic Affairs Meeting.
Article 4 Students who intend to pursue a double major may apply from the first semester of the second academic year to the first semester of the highest grade of study period (not including extended study period) in the University. Students' application to pursue a double major shall be approved and signed by both chairs of the original and intended department and deans of the original and intended department. The applicants shall submit the completed application form and the academic transcript to the Office of Academic Affairs within10 days before the start of new semester.
Article 5 Double major students not only have to fulfill all graduation credit requirements of their original study, they must also complete all core courses for the second major in order to be granted a double major degree. The students who do not complete or are short of 40 credits for the second major must make up for those credits by taking courses designated by the second-major department to obtain a double major degree.
Article 6 Double major students not only have to fulfill all graduation credit requirements of their original major, they shall also sequentially complete courses for the second major according to regulations. If the required courses of the second major are duplicates of the required courses and credits of the major, double major students may be granted to obtain exemption of the courses by the chair of second major department, or take the optional courses assigned by the chair of second major department.
Article 7 Double major students' credits taken for the first and second major in each semester shall both be calculated and reported on the transcript.
Article 8 Double major students who are unable or unwilling to continue their pursuit of a second major shall be allowed to withdraw from the second major program with the approval from the chairs of both departments and the Office of Academic Affair. The aforementioned students shall declare withdrawal from a second major program and file the application before the midterm exam in the last semester of the last academic year of the original department. The application filed after the deadline will prolong students' study period for one semester.
Article 9 Students who withdraw from their double major program but have completed credit requirements for a minor degree can be granted a minor degree. For double-major students who fail to acquire enough credits for either a second-major degree or a minor degree, the additional credit courses taken can be considered as elective credits toward graduation from their original program as long as the courses are related to their original field of study.
Article 10 At the end of double major students' two-year study time extension, those who have acquired necessary credits for graduation from their first-major department but failed do so for their second-major department may request extension of study period for another year. If the aforementioned students still fail to complete all required core courses in the second-major at the end of the one-year extension, they shall graduate with a degree awarded by the original department.
Article 11 Once students who have fulfilled the double-major credit requirements graduate from the University, the said information will be noted in their Chinese or English transcript and bachelor's degree diploma.
Article 12 All pending issues which are not under the Regulation shall be regulated by the administrative rules of the University.
Article 13

These articles are implemented after it is resolved in the Academic Affairs Meeting and in University Affairs Meeting and announced by President, and submitted to the Ministry of Education for record, so is the amendment.

The Chinese version of the document shall prevail in case of any discrepancy or inconsistency between Chinese version and its English translation.