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Chung Shan Medical University
Course Selection Guidelines

No. 1032103468 official letter approved by President on Nov. 3rd, 2014



Chung Shan Medical University

Course Selection Guidelines

Article 1

These guidelines apply to students’ course selection and each department’s evaluations.

Article 2

1. Students may not drop the required courses. However, domestic transferred students, students who retake (or waive) the course, minor, double major, specific programs, or Dual-Degree are exceptions. Students who wish to drop any required course must fill in the application form and follow the guidelines.

2. Students must finish course selection or course drop before deadline. Students are subject to two reprimands or four-hour service for school for late application. Late application is accepted until the midterm exam’s week. No application is accepted after the midterm exam.


Article 3 After the manual course selection, students should go online and check whether their course registration is correct.
Article 4 Course selection for undergraduate students must follow the school’s policy (Article 16-1). Graduate students may not take more than 15 credit hours per semester.
Article 5 Students may not conflict their course schedule otherwise one of the course would result in a failing grade.
Article 6 Students may not retake any course that he or she has passed.
Article 7 Except for students who have course schedule conflict or who need to retake the course, they may not take a different course (with a different course name) to make up for any required course.
Article 8

For courses that are modified, renamed, or reduced course hours due to the department’s program reform, must apply the following guideline:

1. Students waive the required course that was canceled from the program or no longer offered in the department.

2. Students who retake a course should follow the original course schedule. If the course is no longer offered in the program, students should follow the new course schedule.

3. Students must finish the course that was listed as required in the original course schedule. Even the required course is later changed to elective in the new course schedule, students still have to finish it.

4. For students who follow the original course schedule, they must take all the courses and complete the required credit hours in order to graduate.

5. Transfer students’ course waives or required course credit hours are determined by the department.
Article 9 For a year round academic course, students should take them respectively. Students who receive less than 40 points in the first semester may not take that course in the second semester except for the department’s consent.
Article 10 Senior students who are allowed to take graduate courses before graduation must obtain the score that is higher than 60 points in their transcripts in order to be recognized. For students who enter graduate programs after graduation from universities must obtain the score that is higher than 70 points in their transcripts in order to be recognized.
Article 11 If for any reason, the classroom or equipment cannot accommodate the whole class, students may be transferred to another related course according to their wishes, or students may drop the course.
Article 12

If students have the following needs, they may apply to take courses from other departments. Students’ courses from other departments may not exceed one third of their total class load. However, the restriction does not apply to graduate students; students who extend their studies and students who take less than 9 credit hours in their course schedule. More exceptions are as follows:

1. Senior undergraduate students who have conflict course schedule because they need to retake courses or make up for courses.

2. Transferred students who need to make up for required courses but have conflict course schedule.

3. Minor major, double major or specific program students who have conflict course schedules.

4. When the required course was canceled in the original course schedule and is not available any more.

5. When certain elective course is not offered in the department.

6. If there is any situation that is not mentioned in the guidelines, students should consult their department and follow the related rules.
Article 13 All pending issues which are not under the Regulation shall be regulated by the administrative rules of the University.
Article 14

These articles are implemented after it is resolved in the Academic Affairs Meeting and announced by President, so is the amendment.

The Chinese version of the document shall prevail in case of any discrepancy or inconsistency between Chinese version and its English translation