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Chung Shan Medical University

CSMU Regulations on Scholarship for International Students

Article 1

In an effort to encourage outstanding international students to undertake degree studies in Chung Shan Medical University (hereafter CSMU) so as to familiarize themselves with the academic environment in CSMU and promote communication, understanding and friendship between Taiwan and countries around the world, Office of International Affair, CSMU, (hereafter OIA) establishes the following guidelines for the International Students Scholarship Program.

Article 2

International students to whom referred hereafter are those who fulfilled the criteria for international students by Minister of Education (MOE) in Taiwan.

Article 3


  1. Students should have already registered or have obtained student status at CSMU. Graduating students pursuing further studies are exempt from this rule.
  2. Undergraduate students: Students should have been taking at least 9 credits per semester with a satisfactory grade of conduct (80 marks or above and without punishment of major demerit)
  3. Post-graduate students (Master’s & Doctorate): Students should have been taking at least 9 credits per semester with a satisfactory grade of conduct (80 marks or above and without punishment of major demerit). Applicants who has no previous academic results are required to submit a letter of recommendation from applicant’s professor in the department and a copy of thesis/dissertation proposal.
  4. First-year students can apply for this scholarship and are exempt from academic requirement.

Article 4

Quotas for scholarships offered are contingent upon the CSMU’s annual budget allotments. The scholarships for international students offered by the MOE for universities and Chinese language teaching institutes are combined with the budget for scholarship program for international students offered by CSMU.

Article 5

Amount and Duration of Scholarship:

  1. The maximum period of scholarship is the years required by applicant's department for undergraduate programs; two years for master programs; and four years for doctorate programs.
  2. The maximum amount is $40,000 NTD per academic year for each successful application.

Article 6

Application and Selection Process:

Students who meet the selection criteria should submit the application form and academic results from previous year to Division of Extra-curricular Activities, Office of Student Affair within the first month of commencement of that academic year.

Article 7

Students are NOT ALLOW to apply for this scholarship program if they are the current recipients of any other award or subsidy granted by Taiwan government agencies or education institutions in Taiwan.

Article 8

In case of withdrawal, suspension, transfer to another university/college, or failure of registration for that academic year, their scholarship will be revoked.

Article 9

Should the recipients had provided any false statement during application, upon verification, their scholarships will be revoked and any subsistence allowance given to them shall be returned.

Article 10

This approach by the school meeting, presented the Board of Directors after approval by the principal bulletin implementation of correction likewise.