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Chung Shan Medical University
Administrative Offices
Administration Contacts E-mail
Office of Academic Affairs


886-4-24730022. ext.11112
Office of Student Affairs


886-4-24730022. ext.11210
Office of Research and Development


886-4-24730022. ext.11320
Office of International Affairs


886-4-24730022. ext.11331
Office of General Affairs


886-4-24730022. ext.11411

Office of Library and Information Services


Computer Center



Secretariat Office


886-4-24730022. ext.11010
Audit Office


886-4-24730022. ext.11016
Personal Office


886-4-24730022. ext.34127
Accounting and Finance Office


886-4-24730022. ext.11055
Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning


886-4-24730022. ext.11352

Environment and Safety Office


886-4-24730022. ext.11461

Incubation Center


886-4-24730022. ext.11340